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All donations are given directly to AmazonVida, and designated for my use. This helps with accountability and guarantee that all of my supporters' funds are being invested in the best way for the ministry, and for myself as I continue to work according to God's calling.


Donate via AmazonVida's website


Click the donate button at the top of the page

Enter desired amount to donate *

Choose frequency (whether a one time gift, or recurring)

If recurring, specify how frequent (month, quarterly, annually, etc.) *

Choose a start date

Specify whether you'd like to give for a long as possible, or give an ending date *

Choose a staff member: ACM002 **

Check whether you'd like to be added to my monthly newsletter updates ***

Check whether you'd like to be added to the general ministry newsletter updates


* These options can be changed at any time should there be anything coming up that would cause an increase or decrease in giving.

** ACM 002 is my employee code, so all money that is sent will automatically be designated to my funds.

*** These newsletters are separate from the AmazonVida newsletters sent out to general supporters for the ministry, and go more in depth of what the specified staff member has going on with their personal ministry.



Donate via PayPal


Click this link to be directed to a PayPal page that is designated by AmazonVida.

You will then enter the desired amount to donate

If you wish to make this an automatic monthly donation, check the 'Monthly' check box

You can then either log into your personal PayPal account, or manually enter your credit card information



Donate via Check


Make the check out to "AmazonVida"

On the memo line, write "ACM 002" **

Mail the check to:

P.O. Box 2808

Land O Lakes, FL, 34639


** ACM 002 is my employee code, so all money that is sent will automatically be designated to my funds



Donate via Your Personal Banking Website


Add a Payee (just as you would add for a bill payment)

Payee Name: AmazonVida

Payee Address:

Street Address: P.O. Box 2808

City: Land O Lakes

State: FL

Zip Code: 34639

Account Number: N/A (leave blank)

Payment message to Payee: ACM 002


Then Set up a repeating payment with your desired amount

Add "ACM 002" to the memo line to guarantee that all funds that go to AmazonVida will be designated toward me.

Jarrod Landers is a full time missionary, working with AmazonVida, a ministry in the Amazon region of Brazil. This site is purposed for learning more about his ministry, and opportunities to join in support.

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