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My Final Journey with AmazonVida

2018 is going to be my final year with AmazonVida. I'm committed through March of 2019, and have plenty on my plate to keep me busy! Watch the video above for more details of this year!


Since beginning this journey a few years back, I've learned a lot about the true purpose of my role, and the vision for what I need to do to fulfill my role. To be able to share this vision in full, first, I must explain the purpose of AmazonVida's ministry in the U.S.


AmazonVida is a Brazilian-based, and Brazilian run ministry. They are based in Parintins, Amazonas, Brazil, and began in 1952. The U.S. got involved a little more than 10 years ago when Pastor Elmer Lessa (the director of AmazonVida) came to get a few churches to support his vision for the Amazon. Therefore, the role of the U.S. in this Brazilian-based ministry is to raise more support for the ministry so that the workers down there can be better sustained, and that they can receive the supplies necessary for their ministry to continue to prosper.


So where do I come in? I create the material for our U.S. team, so that when they go reach out to an individual, a corporation, or a church, they aren't just telling them about the Amazon, but now they can SHOW them! And there are a lot of different aspects to the ministry; discipleship, seminary programs, indigenous groups that are unreached, water filters, medical and dental help, planted river missionaries, planted churches...the list goes on...but I have yet the ability to show people all of these details, which is why this final trip is so important. When I step away, I want the rest of the U.S. team to be able to reach out to any potential supporter, and with any topic about AmazonVida, be able to show that person the impact that God is having in the Amazon.


Help me reach this goal of finishing strong! This year, instead of raising funds for what's left of everyday expenses, I'm only raising funds for this specific trip, which is $3,430, and it covers flights, hotels, and translator fees. If you'd like to help me reach this goal, click the donate button at the top, and select ACM002 for your Staff Member Preference, or you can donate via PayPal.

2018 Video Projects List

Final Funding Strategy

Even after checking on current financial supporters, I'm still short a few thousand dollars (not including travel expenses). To make up the amount left, I'll be focusing on freelance side projects with videography and still photography. If you, or someone you know is interested in a video or photo shoot, visit my freelance page to see some of my work and to get a quick and easy quote at

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One Trip

The Final Adventure


By supporting this trip, you are supporting the vision of being able to paint the full picture of the Amazon, and the ministry of AmazonVida.

• Traveling to Parintins, Tabatinga, and Saterê Mawê

• Visiting at least 2 other villages that our ministry reaches out to

• Joining a mission trip team from Idlewild Baptist Church (one of our U.S. church partners)

• Visiting the Leadership Training Institute during their seminary classes


Jarrod Landers is a full time missionary, working with AmazonVida, a ministry in the Amazon region of Brazil. This site is purposed for learning more about his ministry, and opportunities to join in support.

For more info about AmazonVida, go to