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What are you fundraising for?

I raise funds for living expenses and travel basically everything! This is my full-time job, and I need to still pay the bills and afford my daily food.


Why not get another job to pay for your trips?

Long term-wise, this doesn't work well. First, my role with AmazonVida is more than just the time I spend in the Amazon. While in the U.S., I also have tasks to complete that help with raising awareness strategies, fundraising events, and providing different types of media that help our team with reaching out to potential supporters and church partners, so that they don't just go in with telling about the Amazon, but being able to show them the Amazon! So if I got another job, I wouldn't be able to actually do this job! With that said, my support raising doesn't cover all of my expenses. I also have equipment needs (camera and computer equipment) that isn't a part of my budget, so I do freelance projects on the side. If you have any kind of media project you'd like to do, check out my freelance page!


Why doesn't AmazonVida pay you?

AmazonVida is a ministry which raises funds as a ministry whole, which means that every dollar that is given is used to fund the Brazilian staff, medical supplies, maintaining the speed boat, building church plants, sending people to nearby villages, and many other things in Brazil. As an American staff member, I do not wish to take from the Brazilians so that I can do work for them. It's like taking candy from a baby, eating it, and telling the baby it was delicious!


Why should I give?

It's a biblical principle. In the beginning, when God led the people of Israel out of Egypt into the promised land, he told twelve of tribes to go out and work–earn your wages! Then he told the Levites to stay behind and take care of the tabernacle (Numbers 1:50). If you can imagine, the Levites had to trust God to provide for them since they were specifically called to do work that earns no income (Numbers 18:20). As the Israelites went and worked, God provided for them their food, animals, and money. He told them to then tithe their first fruits, their best of their work to the tabernacle. Then, God gave the tithes to the Levites as their inheritance (Numbers 18:24). And this is how support raising started! God gave us the principle that He provides for us, and that we are to show appreciation for His gifts by giving back to Him (to His churches and ministries), so that we can all share in the work of spreading the Gospel.


Besides money, how else can I support you?

Money is important, of course, but it's not the most important. I also need a lot of prayer and encouragement as I go! So whether you give financially or not, I would appreciate you signing up for my monthly newsletter and keeping track of my ministry. You can sign up here! I also have several logistical needs that some people can easily help with! I travel three times throughout the year, so if you have any American Airlines miles you're not using, I could definitely use them! Or if you'd like to send over a gift card to a restaurant or iTunes or something, it helps me financially, and it shows a little love and encouragement that I need! Lastly, you may or may not be able to financially support me, but perhaps you know someone else that could. If you could think of anyone that might have a desire to support a missionary, send them my info!




Jarrod Landers is a full time missionary, working with AmazonVida, a ministry in the Amazon region of Brazil. This site is purposed for learning more about his ministry, and opportunities to join in support.

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